Mermaid Neon Sign

Mermaid Neon Sign



This mermaid neon light is a must-have decoration for girls’ room decor. It will bring fantasy to your room. Legend has it that the mermaid is bounded by the waist, the upper body is a beautiful woman, and the lower body is a lovely fishtail covered with scales. The whole body is both attractive and easy to escape quickly. They are soulless and merciless like sea water; their voices are often as deceptive as their appearance; they are all about seduction, vanity, beauty, cruelty and hopeless love.

Mermaid Neon Sign
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  • Crafted Pieces That Last: We make our LED neon pieces by hand with flexible tubing, so they stay looking good as new. It means your creativity gets to last a lifetime.
  • Doesn’t Get Hot: Both LED neon signs and glass neon signs do not get hot to the touch. The tube can become slightly warm, but it’s never hot.
  • Safety: Our LED neon signs, lights, and lamps are shatter resistant, energy efficient, recyclable, UV resistant, and conform to CE and UL certification.
  • Easy installation for hanging
  • Battery Operated and USB Powered
  • 3xx AA battery not included
  • Dimensions: 8.26 x 4.7 x 2.2 inches
  • Weight:6 oz


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