trippy jellyfish tapestry
psychedelic jellyfish tapestry
galaxy jellyfish tapestry
3D trippy jellyfish tapestry

Galaxy Jellyfish Tapestry



This 3D psychedelic jellyfish tapestry will make a complete makeover of your indoor or outdoor or any place you want to decorate and experience an incredible style. The galaxy art jellyfish can change its shape in the ocean. It is crystal clear, its body is very soft, and it swims leisurely and contentedly in the seawater. It is like swimming in the water, floating in the water, like a meteor in the sky shining in the water, giving people a romantic and carefree feeling. The jellyfish looks beautiful and docile. It is very ferocious. If you touch it, it will shoot venom, making animals troublesome and then die. The appearance is relatively beautiful, but the jellyfish is far away and cannot be played with. If you get a tattoo on your arm, it means self-protection and a bottom line. The jellyfish floats in the sea, but it is not good at swimming. It moves with the help of waves and currents. Even so, the jellyfish does not feel humble or inferior. It is a happy life in the ocean, which means life.

trippy jellyfish tapestry
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HD Printing

Vivid Colors, Crisp lines

Our tapestry will give you a unique feeling for any space, featuring vivid Colors and crisp lines. No strange odour. Toxic-free and safe. Never worry about fading.

Amazing Material

Premium Quality

Our Tapestry is made of 100% Polyester Fabric, soft to touch, skin-friendly, environment-friendly and easy to hang indoor or outdoor. Don’t worry about fading and pungent smell.

Exquisite Workmanship

Delicate Sewing

Neat-edge and very durable. All the edges of this tapestry are sewn carefully by experienced workers for strong reinforcement.

Easy to Hang

Lightweight, easy to hang, friendly to the wall

The tapestry is suitable for bedroom, living room, dining room, office wall decoration, also suitable for decorative curtains, ceilings, porches. Can be used as a mat in picnics, beach and yoga.

Package included:
1 x tapestry; 1 x Accessories

Warm Tips

Hand wash or machine wash in the cold water, Do not bleach, Do not iron

1.  We follow WYSIWYG “What you see is what you get”.
2. As this item is handmade hence, please allow some size variation within 0.5-1 inch from mentioned measurement.


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